Oiltech's Dredging Winches: Powered by Char-Lynn

Oiltech Dredging Equipment based in Europe is a manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic winches for dredgers, and they use Char-Lynn hydraulic motors in their products.

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The use of Char-Lynn motors ensures that the winches are efficient, reliable, and durable, making them ideal for use in demanding dredging applications. With the spool valve design of Char-Lynn motors, the winches have smooth and precise control over their speed and direction, providing maximum performance in dredging operations. The combination of Oiltech's expertise in dredging equipment and the quality of Char-Lynn hydraulic motors results in a superior product that is trusted by dredging professionals around the world.

For more information on Oiltech Dredging Equipment and their range of dredging equipment, visit their website at https://www.oiltech.nl

Smart Cutter Suction Dredger

Char-Lynn®: Global Leader in Orbit Type Hydraulic Motors

Char-Lynn® is a renowned global leader in the field of orbit type hydraulic motors, specifically Geroler and Gerotor motors. These motors are highly cost-effective, compact, durable, self-contained, and designed to excel in applications requiring low speed, high torque, and high pressure.

ProActive Fluid Power: Comprehensive Support

ProActive Fluid Power provides comprehensive support for the complete range of Char-Lynn hydraulic products.

Geroler Motors

Geroler Motors employ a unique design featuring additional rolls on the lobes of the outer gear set ring. These rolls act as bearings, resulting in reduced friction, improved efficiency, and minimized wear. Geroler Motors are widely known for their exceptional efficiency, smooth operation, and minimal wear, especially in systems with low viscosity and low RPM. It is important to note that Geroler motors require a minimum fluid viscosity of 70 SUS.

Gerotor Motors

Gerotor Motors are renowned for their longevity and reduced wear, particularly in applications involving rapid reversals and frequent on-off cycles. These motors are commonly utilized in higher RPM applications. Gerotor motors necessitate a minimum fluid viscosity of 100 SUS.

Geroler and Gerotor motors can be classified into three main categories based on the type of valving used to distribute fluid through the gear set: Spool Valve, Disc Valve, and Valve in Star (VIS). Advancing from one classification to the next enhances the performance of the motor.

Frontpart dredger
Hydraulic winches

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